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Grotta dei Fontanazzi: Standard size

Grotta dei Fontanazzi: Standard size

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Exclusive Cave-Prints studio design, in cooperation with Submerged Foundation and Bart Pitala

Blends cartography, history and cave diving data

Made using latest cutting edge printing technology

Fine art poster: high quality poster printed on satin 200gsm paper using sustainable HP Latex technology

Every order is custom made just for you

Comes as a standard sized prints, framing optional

Rolled and delivered in a protective tube

Global shipping from Europe. The print is usually ready to ship within 2-3 days.

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Grotta dei Fontanazzi: Standard size

The Veneto region we are venturing towards is situated in the northeastern portion of Italy. On either side of the Brenta river valley, the Dolomites' white rocks emerge, partially hidden by lush vegetation. During the spring and summer seasons, when the winds are favorable, it is common to witness numerous paragliders gracefully gliding across the entire valley. In this enchanting setting, savoring a morning espresso and indulging in a prosciutto sandwich becomes an extraordinary experience.

We begin the exploration in a ten-meter-long initial gallery, immersing ourselves in its surroundings. Descending through a large lateral fissure, we reach a depth of -6 meters, encountering the first bottleneck, which is relatively easy to overcome. Progressing further, we pass through a second bottleneck at -9 meters before reaching -12 meters after a short horizontal section. Here, we encounter a narrow vertical triangular fissure, 6-meter-long. It is crossed to arrive at the main pipeline at a depth of -18 meters. The tunnel continues in the direction of Cima Grappa, maintaining a consistent depth. The gallery measures around 10 meters wide and 2 meters high, featuring fascinating erosion formations.

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About the artists

This poster wouldn't come to existence if not for a cooperation of two like-minded individuals.

Marcin Stempniewicz

3d guy by profession, cave diver by passion. Working with AR and VR on a daily basis made it easier for me to understand and overcome at least some of the basic challenges of underwater photogrammetry.  Unlike wreck 3d scanning, underwater cave scanning is a huge unknown - things like gear setup, reconstruction workflow, even the way we publish the reconstructed model - it’s all subject to trials and errors. Having said that, it’s a bit like cave exploration itself. I don’t know what’s behind the corner, but won’t rest until I find out.

Bartłomiej Pitala

Trimix, cave diver, CCR. In the diving community, he is known for his ultra-detailed 3D photogrammetric scans of Baltic wrecks. In addition to 3D photogrammetry, he also deals with the processing and 3D printing of wreck models based on the created scans. He has been involved in underwater photogrammetry for over three years. Programmer by education and profession.
Author of a highly efficient technique for scanning large wrecks, using a set of several cameras with lighting mounted on a scooter.
Collaborator of the Submerged Foundation.

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