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Maria Concordia -3d Scanning Process: Standard size

Maria Concordia -3d Scanning Process: Standard size

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Exclusive Cave-Prints studio photography, in cooperation with underwater photographer Michał Antoniuk

Blends cartography, history and cave diving data

Made using latest cutting edge printing technology

Fine art poster: high quality poster printed on satin 200gsm paper using sustainable HP Latex technology

Every order is custom made just for you

Comes as a standard sized prints, framing optional

Passe-partout visible on the images is not included in the package

Rolled and delivered in a protective tube

Global shipping from Europe. The print is usually ready to ship within 2-3 days.

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Maria Concordia -3d Scanning Process: Standard size

Maria Concordia Mine is a unique place in Lower Silesia, where the very access to the water surface, requiring the use of rope techniques, is an adventure. For certified overhead divers, flooded levels in the depth range of 6 - 40 meters are available. Unforgettable views are provided by the remains of the mine's infrastructure combined with irregular corridors and visible magnesite veins, all in water of crystal clarity."

The photograph was taken in April 2023, during the process of 3d scanning the mine conducted by the Submerged Foundation. You can read more about the scanning operation itself on Working with the world’s top photogrammetry specialists, the team is making this extraordinary dive site available to everyone, even to non-divers. The project is about storytelling. Using a variety of techniques, from static visualizations, animations, photorealistic cross sections to Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences, the team is sharing the captivating story of one of the most beautiful underground places in Europe.

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About the artist

Michał Antoniuk

“Staying at home is the greatest of all punishments” as he describes himself. A traveler and lover of every form of activity, scuba diving for 10 years. The overhead environment has been his main travel destination for a long time. He pursues his dream of being a reporter with a camera in an underwater housing searching underwater emotions and spectacular landscapes. His black drysuit and rebreather tubes might suggest he is a very serious technical diver, but colourful bungie inserts quickly dispel this impression ;)

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